My name is Chris Devillio (alias Christian Bangerter).

I am a part-time photographer with several years of experience. I live in Worben, Bern, Switzerland. I use up to date equipment from Canon, Tamron, Apple, GoPro and DJI to ensure the highest possible quality of my work. I want to share my work with the whole world and show the world through my eyes to mankind. I am passionate about capturing special moments, such as the beauty of untouched nature, but also about showing people of all ages and backgrounds in the right light.



Canon EOS 5D markIV


Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

SIGMA 150 mm - 600 mm f/5.0-6.3 Telezoomlens

Walimex Pro  14mm f/2.8 Wideangle  


DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Diverse Backgrounds in different colors (Paper and Wood)

Lights (e.g. softboxes, reflectors, beauty dish, striplights, ringlight, color gel, etc.)

Diverse (e.g. sofa, chairs, dice, trunk, many special materials for backgrounds)




  • Editors Choice Award Nov. 2019 by 500px



  • Photo shootings @ CHB Photography in Worben with 
    • Janina Simon (Fashion & Boxing) Instagram
    • Sophia Powell (Fashion & Beauty) Instagram
    • Svenja Jost (Fashion & Racing) Facebook
    • Ski and Snowboard Bags (Products)
  • Speed Photography
    • Wine-Splash: Sculptures of Wine
    • Sparkling Bulbs
  • Night and Astro Photography
    • Light Festival Murten
    • Thun at Night
    • Night Sky in Orpund
  • Europe im Focus: Sigriswil (CH), Goldiwil (CH), Gerzensee (CH), Spiez (CH), Murten (CH), Thun (CH)


  • Photo shootings @ CHB Photography in Worben with 
    • Alice Star (Fashion & Erotic) Instagram
    • Katerina Milevskaja (Erotic) Instagram
    • Corvin & Finnja (Baby Shooting)
    • Mary Rose Loreine Ignacio (Outdoor and Fashion Shooting)
    • MS Speaker, Loudspeaker (Product Shooting) MS Speaker
  • Speed Photography 
    • Waterdrops
    • Splash photography (dropping tings in water)
    • Splash fruits in milk
  • Waterfalls Shooting at:
    • Lautenbacher Waterfalls
    • Geroldsauer Waterfalls
    • Edelfrauengrab Waterfalls
    • Ravenna Waterfalls
    • Gertelbacher Waterfalls
    • Engstligen Waterfalls
    • Giessbach Waterfalls
    • Simmen Waterfalls
  • European Round Trip Photography: Panoramabridge Leistungen (CH), Zurich Oerlikon (CH), Blackforest area (DE), Seewald (DE), Railwaybridges Oberkirch (DE), Stuttgart (DE), Lake Gruyère (CH), Thun (CH), Saas-Fee ski region (CH), Hohenbaden Castle (DE), Rheinfelden (CH), Mummelsee (DE), Achern (DE), Castle Rodeck (DE), Ravenna Viaduct (DE), Panoramabridge Sigriswil (CH), Paris (FR), Wimmis (CH), Kander Delta Thun-Spiez (CH), Lucerne (CH), Pilatus (CH), Baumkronenpfad Bad Wildbad (DE), Iseltwald (CH), Creux du Vanne (CH), Cressier Refinery (CH), Wohlensee (CH), Laupen Castle (CH), Grimmsel Pass (CH), Furka Pass - Hotel Belvedere (CH), Bernese Christmas Markets (CH), Abandoned Railway Tracks Basel (CH), Train Cemetery Le Locle (CH)
  • Special Shooting fire-rings
  • Group Shooting Sports Groups of Worben 
  • Crop Circles in Büren an der Aare, Switzerland


  • Photo shootings @ CHB Photography in Worben with 
    • Nikita Gokhale (Indian / Erotic) Model Website
    • Lian Zahnd (Baby Shooting)
    • Jean-Daniel Beer (Application Picutres)
    • Finnja Larissa Bangerter (Children Shooting)
    • Mary Rose Loreine Ignacio (Applicaiton Shooting)
    • MS Speaker, Loudspeaker (Product Shooting) MS Speaker 
    • Fire Rings (Art-Photography)
    • Selfportraits (Diverse)
  • Baptism Shooting of Finnja Larissa Bangerter
  • European Round Trip Photography: Blausee (CH), Como (IT), Vale Verzasca (CH), Offenburg (DE), Strassbourg (FR), Berne (CH), Lucerne(CH), Brussels (BE), Lake Oeschinen (CH), Brienzer Rothorn (CH), Chasseral (CH), Castle Hohenzollern (DE), Karlsruhe (DE), Blackforest area (DE), Alsace (FR), Iseltwald (CH), Christmas Market in Strasbourg (FR)
  • Asia Round Trip Photography
    • Philippines: Manila, Boracay, Palawan, Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Cebu, Bohol
    • Singapore
  • Waterfalls Shooting at:
    • Menzenschwander Waterfalls
  • Special Shooting fire-rings


  • Photo shootings @ CHB Photography in Worben with 
    • Nika (Erotic Shooting)
    • Nook (Fashion and Portrait Shooting)
    • Mary Rose Loreine Ignacio (Fashion, Erotic and Portrait Shootings)
    • Buundai & Tashi (Couple Shooting)
    • Nangsa & Sam (Tibetan tradition, Fashion and Dance Shooting)
    • Sophie Powel (Caribbean Top Model)
    • Lili Vanili (Erotic Shooting)
    • Amanda & Marc Bangerter (Couple Shooting)
    • MS Speaker, Loudspeaker (Product Shooting) 
    • Finnja Larissa Bangerter (Baby Shooting)
  • Erotic Shootings in Kiev
    • Lin Mars (Ukrainian Erotic Model)
    • Nata Jones (Ukrainian Erotic Model)
    • Alla Prykhodko ( Ukrainian TV & Fashion Model)
    • Olga Zaytseva (Ukrainian Erotic Model)
    • Ania Annzo (Ukrainian Top Model)
  • European Round Trip Photography: Strasbourg (FR), Berne (CH), Blackforest (DE), Elsigenalp (CH), Biel (CH), Castle of Gruyere (CH), Castle of Chilean (CH), Budapest (H), Hotel Villa Honegg (CH), Lungernsee (CH), Brussels (BE), Karlsruhe (DE), Kiev (UK), Chernobyl / Prypiat (UK)
  • Waterfalls Shooting at:
    • Jaun
    • Giessbachfalls
    • Bärglistüberfalls
    • Rheinfalls
  • ComicCon Stuttgart (Cosplay Shootings)
  • Company Shooting of Thaiintermassage in Biel, Switzerland
  • Special Shooting in Chernobyl / Prypiat in the area of the nuclear disaster of 1986


  • Photo shooting in Varna, Bulgaria
  • City Shooting in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Nature and Caves Shooting at Beatus Caves in Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • City/Nature Shooting in Vienna, Austria
  • Fashion Shooting, Chinese fashion in Sanya, China
  • Roundtrip Shooting China (Beijing, Great Wall – Matianyu, Haikou, Sanya), China
  • Fashion Shooting in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • City shooting Milan, Italy
  • Nature and Landscape Photography in Provence (Verdon, Valensole, Sisteron), France
  • City/Nature Shooting in Amsterdam & Keukenhof, Netherlands


  • Brazil City Round Trip Photography (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Paranapiacaba, Petropolis, Buzios, Arraial do Cabo, Paraty), Brazil
  • Photo shooting in Gran Canaria, Spain


  • Brazil Round Trip for City & Beach Photography (Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Lencois Maranhenses, Natal, Porto de Galinhas, Joao Pessoa, Maragogi), Brazil


  • New Years Eve Shooting at snow in the alps in Ischgl, Austria
  • Road trip Brazil for Landscape & Village Photography (Rio de Janeiro, Campos do Jordao, Ilhabella, Sao Paulo), Brazil
  • Nature shooting Cataratas Iguacu (Waterfalls Iguacu), Brazil/Argentina
  • Photo shooting Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Shooting at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Photo shooting city of Jakarta, Indonesia